About Me

I am a database professional specializing in Microsoft SQL Server.

In a prior life (2003-2012) I was a full stack developer of reporting and data-centric applications.


Some most important questions answered…

Q. How do you stay abreast of change in technology?

A. Here are the top four ways I keep my skills and confidence sharp:

  • 4. Attending Conferences and Meetups: PASS Summit; SQL Saturday; local user group meetups. To name a few. These events are best for networking and gleaning new ideas to follow up on.
  • 3. Blogs & Forums: sqlservercentral.com; sqlskills.com; simple-talk.com are a few I frequent. These (and also books) are where you find in-depth details and tutorials on specific topics. Blogs have the added benefit of being a place to collaborate asynchronously and shout our for help when needed.
  • 2. Courses and Certifications: Presently working on MCSA SQL Server. These give you a broad survey of a platform and also a curriculum to follow. You’ll get some resume padding credentials when you complete them too!
  • 1. What is my #1 way of staying ahead? Running my own Windows Server Domain, Failover Cluster, SQL Server Instances and AlwaysOn Availability Groups in a lab environment. I also have working installs of Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Neo4j, Elasticsearch and the list goes on. Acquiring knowledge will always be half the battle, but without getting hands-on that knowledge isn’t going to stick. Of course I get great experience working full time as a DBA, but production and supporting coworkers are my priorities and there isn’t enough time as I’d like to tinker with the latest software. But today’s newest, shiny thing becomes tomorrow’s industry standard. Keeping my own environments allows me to explore new features and techniques of interest to me now, without the fear of breaking stuff, making work for others or running into barriers like not having domain admin or control over networking. I also find doing this gives me valuable exposure in areas peripheral to database administration–more than I would otherwise receive at my job alone. In my environment Active Directory, virtualization, network architecture and system administration are my responsibility even if they are not my focus.

Q. Favourite foods?

A. Ramen, Neapolitan pizza, steak, bacon. Nothing healthy.